About Our Camp

Camp Our hunts are far up the Big Grey’s River. Located on the summer range of big bull elk and trophy mule deer, it is ideally placed for early hunts that begin about September 15th. From this camp we can hunt any of three big game management areas. Our camp is around 10,000 feet in altitude and is accessible by truck over forest roads. There is no tedious pack trip necessary to reach camp, so every day is a hunting day when you book with Jenkins Hunting Camp. We have a reputation for serving delicious meals. One of his biggest bills each fall is the grocery bill. Only top grade beef, pork, chicken, and turkey are served. Meals are highly varied and feature home-baked biscuits, cookies, and pies. Hunting big game can be demanding, if not exciting work. You need a comfortable place to relax at day’s end. Therefore, I never book more hunters than I can handle. For mule deer hunts we have from 4 to 6 hunters in camp at one time. For elk hunts we have from 6 to 8 hunters in camp at one time. Ordinarily only two men are assigned to each tent. The tents have frames and wood floors. There are propane and wood stoves and electric lights in each tent, all beds have springs and mattresses. When you book with Jenkins Hunting Camp you hunt with us. We properly care for your game meat and will cape the head if you wish it to be mounted. Transportation is provided from town to and from the hunting camp.
Transportation Transportation from nearby airports can also be arranged. At the end of your hunt I deliver your game to a local processing plant. Many hunters prefer to take their meat home for processing. No hidden costs There are no hidden charges for services that are normally included in the list price of a hunt. If you fill your big game license early, you are welcome to remain in camp for the days you have booked. Spouses Welcome Camp is regularly inspected by the US Forest Service officers. They have complimented me on the cleanliness of camp. This appeals to those hunters who wish to bring their spouse along. Spouses are welcome in camp. Your spouse may hunt at the standard fee or simply relax in camp at a reduced cost. If your spouse wants to accompany you on your trip, please notify us in advace so we can plan for your convenience. 

What to bring Everything is furnished except personal gear and licenses. In addition to your sleeping bag, rain gear, and plenty of warm clothing, bring comfortable boots, overshoes, and a pair of waterproof pacs. Rifles in the .30-06 class are popular here, but bring your favorite gun.

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