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Licensed Outfitter and Guide BG License Number 153

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Our mule deer hunting is second to no one. Our camp is located in one of the premeir Mule Deer area's in the country. Hunters come from all around to take their share of big trophy mule deer, many of these in the record book class. We know the country and how to hunt these elusive bucks. Many of our hunters return each year they draw a license and have taken big bucks each time they return. Our average success on mature bucks is 80% some times even better. We reach the area we wish to hunt each day on horse back, our method of hunting is spot and stock and making drives. Our success comes from our knowledge of the country and knowing the habits of the animals.

Non-resident Deer licenses are sold on a draw basis beginning in January and continue until 5 PM. March 15. There are two different draws for these licenses, Special Deer license, $566.00 and the regular Deer license $326.00. 40% of all non-resident licenses go into the Special draw. (license fees listed above do not include the preference point cost of $40.00.) We offer a five day Deer hunt (this is five hunting days) $4,500.00. We offer a 6 day combination Deer and Antelope hunt for $4,700.00.

Hunt Dates
Rifle Sept 15 - Oct 14
Archery Sept 1 - Sept 30

Contact Info

Tedd Jenkins

Jenkins Hunting  Camp, LLC
PO Box 37
Auburn, Wyoming 83111
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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