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Licensed Outfitter and Guide BG License Number 153


The majestic Bull Elk are plentiful in our area, the bull cow ratio is the highest in the state. We take bulls in the 350 point class often. The hunter has a 95% chance to harvest a branch antlered bull elk. Our elk herd is higher in numbers now than it has been in years. We have many resident bulls that live on the mountain range year round. Hunting these large, educated animals is an exciting challenge we look forward to each fall. Our hunt area for Elk is general "GEN". We begin rifle hunting September 26th and hunt until October 31st. The application dates are January 1, until January 31. The special license fee for Elk is $1,071.00 and the regular license fee is $591.00. (license fees do not include the cost of the preference point of $50.00)You should know if you were successful in the draw by mid to the end of February. We offer a five day Elk hunt (this is five hunt days) $4,500.00.  We offer a 6 day combination Elk and Deer hunt for $5,500.

Hunt Dates
Rifle Sept 26 - Oct 31
Archery Sept 1 - Oct 31

Contact Info

Tedd Jenkins

Jenkins Hunting  Camp, LLC
PO Box 37
Auburn, Wyoming 83111
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Licensing Options

Non-Resident Elk
License Information

Non-Resident Deer
Antelope and Moose
License Information

For More Information & Application Forms
go directly to:

Wyoming Game & Fish Department

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