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When you Book with Jenkins Hunting Camp, you hunt with your outfitter, Tedd Jenkins. This isn’t true with all outfitters. We properly care for your game meat and cape the head if you wish it to be mounted. Upon your arrival, we arrange transportation from the nearby airports; as well as, to and from town. At the end of the hunt we deliver your game to a local processing plant, unless you wish to take your meat home for processing. We hunt from horseback but prefer to ride as little as possible and still get your game. Our mountain trained horses are gentle and know the trails; however we strive to not keep you in the saddle all day.

There are no hidden charges for services that are normally included in the list price of the hunt.

Now is the time to Book with Jenkins Hunting Camp. Contact us for assistance with deadlines and applications on the Wyoming game and fish website at www.wgfd.wyo.gov. We urge you to book early (even before the draw) enclosing a deposit for each member in your party. Your deposit is 100% refunded if you are unsuccessful on the draw. Please include all requests and details when booking, so we will be prepared to provide you with an exceptional hunt.

Rocky Mountain Elk

Hunting elk on the Greys River Range in Wyoming offers an exhilarating and memorable experience for outdoor enthusiasts and avid hunters. Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of the Bridger-Teton National Forest, this pristine wilderness provides a prime habitat for elk populations, attracting hunters from far and wide. The Greys River Range boasts vast expanses of rugged terrain, dense forests, and open meadows, creating an ideal setting for pursuing elk. Whether you prefer spot-and-stalk techniques or setting up in strategic vantage points, the challenge of tracking and hunting these majestic creatures is both thrilling and rewarding. With proper permits and adherence to hunting regulations, hunters can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Greys River Range while embarking on an adventure that tests their skills and deepens their appreciation for the wild.

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Mule Deer 

Join Jenkins Hunting Camp for a memorable guided mule deer hunt in Wyoming. This extraordinary experience combines the thrill of the chase with the expertise of seasoned professionals. Guided hunts offer hunters an opportunity to immerse themselves in the vast Wyoming wilderness while benefiting from the knowledge and insights of the experienced guides. Our guides bring a deep passion for the land and it's wildlife. With an intimate understanding of the mule deer's behavior, preferred habitats, and migration patterns, these skilled guides provide invaluable expertise. We look forward to seeing you on the hunt. 

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Black Bear

We hunt black bears in the spring and fall. Hunting black bear with a guide in Wyoming is an exciting adventure with expert guidance. Guides have extensive knowledge of black bear behavior and habitats, leading hunters through diverse landscapes. They help with tracking, spotting signs, and ethical hunting practices. Jenkin's Hunting Camp has a success rate of approximately 60%. Bear licenses can be purchased over the counter. Schedule your next black bear hunt with Jenkins Hunting Camp.

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Pronghorn Antelope

Hunting pronghorn antelope with Jenkins Hunt Camp in Wyoming is a thrilling experience immersed in the vast and beautiful landscapes of the state. With the expertise of Jenkins Hunt Camp, hunters can navigate the unique challenges and opportunities presented by these swift and elusive creatures. Surrounded by the untamed Wyoming wilderness, hunters can forge lasting memories and appreciate the rich hunting heritage of the region with the support and guidance of Jenkins Hunt Camp. We have exclusive hunting rights to private ground for our antelope hunts and have a 100% success rate. 

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Shiras Moose

Known for their impressive antlers, which can span up to six feet, Shiras moose possess a unique and regal appearance, making them a highly sought-after species among hunters and a majestic sight for wildlife enthusiasts. Moose are common in this area. Embarking on a hunting expedition with Jenkins Hunt Camp in pursuit of Shiras moose in Wyoming guarantees an unparalleled experience with a remarkable 100% success rate. With their extensive expertise and knowledge of the region, Jenkins Hunt Camp ensures that hunters have the highest chance of encountering and harvesting a majestic Shiras moose. 

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Outdoor Adventures

Coming soon, outdoor adventurers with Jenkins Hunt Camp will provide the opportunity to embark on unforgettable experiences with a variety of activities, including hiking and horseback riding. Whether exploring breathtaking trails, traversing rugged terrains, or immersing oneself in the tranquility of nature, these outdoor adventures promise to ignite a sense of wonder and provide opportunities for exhilarating exploration. With each step along the path and every stride of the horse, individuals will forge a deep connection with the natural world, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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